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Tim Grant 07957 366390

Interview Tips

It takes just a glance for someone to evaluate you when you meet a prospective employer, in this short time, this person will have formed an opinion on your appearance, body language, your demeanor, your mannerisms and how you are dressed - it is crucial you make a good first impression, follow these simple steps to guide you in the right direction.

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early to settle yourself.
  • Do not smoke, chew gum or eat anything strong prior to an interview.
  • Wear suitable interview clothes and ensure they are clean and ironed.
  • Have copies of your CV with you.
  • If you have to complete an application form, ensure the answers match what is on your CV.
  • Always greet the interviewer by his or her last name and pronounce it correctly – ring ahead if you are unsure.
  • Greet with a firm handshake.
  • Look interested and alert and always give your interviewer eye contact, if you constantly look away it may mean you have something to hide.
  • Don’t just sit down when you enter the room; wait until you are offered a seat.
  • Conduct yourself professionally at all times, even if your interviewer starts to act unprofessionally, never let your guard down; it may be a trick to see your reaction
  • Be enthusiastic in your tone, replies and body language.
  • Do not complain about your current or former employer before, during or after the interview.
  • Answer questions concisely.
  • Never raise the salary discussions in the first interview; this is usually done in second interviews.
  • Always research the company before hand and have a good understanding of what they do.
  • Remember to smile.

Prior to an interview, ensure you practice the interview and role play some questions, here are a few to get you started:

  • What are your 3 strengths?
  • What is your main weakness?
  • How do you intend on overcoming this weakness?
  • What do you know about the company?
  • Why should you be employed over another candidate?
  • What is your understanding of the role?
  • Where do you see yourself in 2 years time?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why are you leaving your current employer?
  • What can you bring to the company?